15 March 2010

you're gonna like the way you feel, i guarantee it

This past week I've been in finals terror eating mode, occurring nightly at a continuous rate between ungodly hours of 5pm and 5am.

McD's, pizza, pizza, curry, yogurtland, pizza, pizza, chocolate snacks, more McD's, ice cream, burger, milkshake, a stromboli (meatcheese sodium baked in bread soaking in sauce) from Enzo's (first time ever in my UCLA career), McDs...

So if you ever feel sad, just find comfort in knowing that my arteries are far more clogged than yours.

In entirely unrelated news, Dakota Fanning is ridiculous. I realize that most people are love/hate over her, but there's no denying that the little lady is blessed with a gift for acting. I also realize the love/hate over K-Stew. She's fine on screen, awkward off. Both are young and multi-talented; they sing half the soundtrack on THE RUNAWAYS.

I might be one of the few, but as a fan of Joan Jett and the band, I'm looking forward to the film. Dakota plays Cherie Currie and K-Stew, Joan. Oh, they also do cocaine (apparently crushed B-vitamins?) and share an onscreen kiss. Whoa.

"Cherry Bomb", original live 1977

"Cherry Bomb", film 2010

14 March 2010

death to finals?

Papers. The blessing and curse of an American Lit. & Culture (a.k.a. cop-out English) major.

While everyone around me has been stressing out of their minds about this final at that o'clock, I've been working hard, convincing them all to take study breaks with me, including but not limited to, watching crappy-B and awesome-A films, Yogurtland and restaurants. 

An hour ago:
9:19 PM Joanne: omg

  lets get ice cream
  i cant but i want to
  whats wrong with me
 me: AH NOOO u got my hopes up for like half a second...
 Joanne: i'm like falling asleep though
  might just call it quits
 Joanne: mmmm
  ok i'm down
 me: I'll come pick u up
  is RITE AID open?!
 Joanne: is rite aid open?
  that would be awesomeee...
9:24 PM me: is it???
  im asking u... if it is i'll cry.
 Joanne: ok let me look it up...
 me: YES
  they close at 11
  i think...unless im reading it wrong
9:25 PM i might be too excited

Oh, by the by, I'm Hong Kong bound in four days!?!
The impulse decision made many months ago, popped up out of nowhere and now that the trip is finally here, whoa, Nelly!

Despite my imminent travel panic, I'm more than excited to explore a new country with Mr. Jeffries. He'll probably be making a fantastic film in photos over the ten days, while I'll be taking as many touristy pictures as possible and trying to expand my stomach.

Also, it helps that I absolutely love traveling--it's great once you know how to take advantage of the experience. I don't even hate on the security checks. Just put your toiletries in a Ziploc and don't wear complicated shoes or have 50 piercings. Love airplane food as well. I'm the person that freeloads off of all the travel knick-knacks in the bathroom and by the kitchen.

Biggest regret: I'll be missing Betty White hosting SNL this Saturday. Hulu awaits after spring break.

ma' and pa'

I'm proud to say that I am daughter to parents who have mastered the basics of texting, gchat, skype (which my dad finds incredibly exciting even though I still don't understand the use) and facebook.

Here are some highlights of the gchats I've had with mother.

Last night:
7:32 PM       me: i'm almost done. i registered for cbest for june not april
                  im gonna go to dinner right now
                  i will call later tonight
                  Samantha: ok.
                  PLEASE eat well/healthy!!!!
                  love mom
7:33 PM       TTYL.
                  Got into a car accident!!
                  me: WAIT WHAT
...not to worry, no one was hurt.

                  When my headlight bulb burned out:

8:31 PM       Samantha: are you gonna able to take care of the car problem?                  Do you want us to come over?8:36 PM       Samantha: is there any guy available tomorrow you should go with a boy8:41 PM       I get what dad says.                  You have to do some thing like this on your own in case we're not around.                  BUt I also know that as a YOUNG and woman,                  they will try to initimidate you and rip you off.8:42 PM       Samantha: Grandma might know a place.                  She is always excited about 'referals' - 'they know me'...'I can  get it cheap'....etc8:43 PM       Samantha: oh. That's good AAA is ALWAYS very reliable;                  the business that deals with AAA has to have a good reputation/feedback                  from the customers. Yeah. Do that.8:53 PM       Samantha: call early.                  even private garages (=service stations) might be busy on Saturdays.                  Samantha: doesn't hurt to call and ask how long you'd have to wait.
...I AAA researched, google mapped and called 6 different stations, went to one, fell asleep in their waiting room, then awoke to rain falling on my fixed car. $20. I didn't die, mother was pleased.

The week of the E-40 concert, my status: DEAD (from the show)8:38 PM       Samantha: why does it say 'DEAD'? 8:39 PM       me: from the rap concert this week. i might come home tonight                  Samantha: don't leave so late.8:42 PM       don't forget to bring your glasses.                  me: ok                  Samantha: don't forget to bring your reading assignments.                  me: ok
...I forgot my glasses.

Dad also has precious moments, a treasure trove of witty and corny jokes and remarks that he thinks are gold.

He puts effort into trying to keep up as much as possible with "today's music", though he still believes they're called "Hubbastank" and "Fifty cents".

He also identifies any female voice on the radio as "Beyonce".

When not pwning today's music, he sits in bed with his laptop, Brookstone lapdesk, Bose surround headphones, Youtubes everything, comes downstairs and enthusiastically shows me his discoveries.

And those are just some of the reasons I love going home. Number one reason is the intense noms.

24 February 2010

Olympaholics/Olympiacs Un-Anonymous

I am an addict. I have yet to find someone as obsessed over the Olympics as me. Any and every sport, summer or winter. There's just something about what it symbolizes; excellence, a nation's pride, dreams realized. Plus, they're fun, competitive and everyone wants a winner.

Of course my loyalties are shared for KoreAmerica, but USA wins a lot of everything, so I'm rooting for my roots.

The family and I are all hoping for Korea to finish in the top ten for medal count. Kim Yuh-Na (pronounced yuh, not yoona, but it's too late to correct all the world) will be the most significant victory. She's a skating prodigy, possibly even greater than the greats like Kristi Yamaguchi and Michelle Kwon, but I do worry about all the pressure of having an entire country on her shoulders. S.K. has been aggressively and almost angrily "supporting" her for the gold. We've got some short track and speed skating medals up for grabs as well. Other than that, we'll be done for winter since Korea is not keen on the snow/ski sports and hasn't developed the stamina or endurance for winter marathons.

Also, I'm genuinely glad to see that curling is sweeping (hah!) the nation. I've been following the sport since it was officially added to the Olympics in '98.  The most obvious reason behind curling fever might be that it's the only sport being shown all day, every day. Good times

23 February 2010

I've been busy...

...trying to achieve my fancy plan.

False. I've just managed to procrastinate on yet another activity in life, blogging.
Since attempting to backtrack and summarize two months would make me lose all _single digit #_ of my readership, I will try to blog places and events in installments, just like you pay for Netflix or a Disney pass.

Most recently, I've been chillin [out maxin', relaxin' all cool..]  and reading my twitter feed/facebook status updates about how URSA is crashing hard and not allowing anyone to enroll and/or taking 15 minutes to refresh a page. I've decided not to try--haven't been on URSA all day. It is decided that I will be a super senior, at least through next winter.

As sad as the situation sounds, I will have precious time to figure out life a bit better. Friends and others are being decisive, moving on, carpe diem-ing, grabbing life by the balls...or maybe it's horns... They're good motivation.

Speaking of doing things, I did apply for 2010 Census jobs, with extra-low confidence thinking I'd fail the "we want to make sure you're not stupid, can alphabetize, and count in order" test, but I aced that sucker. Got a hopeful call about becoming a recruiting assistant, then never heard back.

I've also registered for the CBEST aka "we want to make sure you're not stupid so you can teach babies" test.  Then bought a CSET study book, just like the wonderful SAT kind so I can teach at a level above infancy.

Teaching is a good place to start if all else fails. Plus, the vacations and weekends will allow me time to keep climbing, slowly but surely, that fancy ladder 'til I reach the top--where one dons Prada head-to-toe while carrying a Prada that houses a rat-sized dog. Nothing screams success more than canine feces in a designer bag.

My London lovelies mentioned that I'm well on my way of being an Asian Liz Lemon. Who wouldn't want to go to there? I'd love to be her. Though I'm far from her wit, success, and general awesomeness, I know that I can compete when it comes to night cheesing. Being Kenneth would be perfectly fine at this point.

I must mention chat roulette. Holy goodness gawd. I won't deny that I've gone on it and seen things incredibly worthy of eyemuffs, but this creation does scare me. Worldwide + body parts + 12 year olds + Interweb = bad news bears.

Lastly, I'll include these with my posts because this is my life.
Recent heart attack: Bison ribs last weekend, Butter biscuits w/butter + Halloween cupcakes + Nutella this past weekend, Medium BK meal + funnel cake sticks tonight.

Yes, ate you. Sorry.

I appreciate you, lone reader.
Reptar signing off.